Our Core Values
The Bible
The Bible is the Word of God, fully inspired (God breathed), and is our standard and final authority in all matters of life and ministry (II Tim. 3:16-17).
Christian Communities
When we make a commitment to Jesus, we are committing to His Body, the Church. We believe that small groups of Christians, called Basic Christian Communities provide the best structure for functioning as the Body of Christ. In small groups, we desire to encounter the Living Christ in the midst of His people.
As people of God, our first priority is to worship Him. He is to hold the place of highest honor in our midst. We are committed to a lifestyle of worship which flows from our relationship with God.
Jesus Christ is the head of the Church and is our Chief Shepherd. All leadership is accountable to Him. A leader should exhibit a servant’s heart, model humility and obedience, and lead by example.​
We place great emphasis on prayer since it is the lifeline of the individual and the church body. Through prayer we are linked to the supernatural power of God. Unless we function as a praying church we will operate in human energy rather than divine power.​
We place great value on family. It is God’s idea. God established and blessed the family. Satan desires to destroy the family, for it reflects the very heart and image of God in unity, diversity and relationship. God desires to work through the family; therefore, we are committed to building strong family relationships.
In the kingdom of God there is “neither male nor female” be we are “all one in Christ Jesus” (Gal. 3:28). We recognize the important role of women in the ministry of Jesus and the early church. Therefore, we affirm women as full partners in the grace and ministry of the Lord.
Evangelism & Discipleship
Jesus commanded us to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. Evangelism is the first step in the process of discipleship and should never by separated from it. It is the work of each individual, as well as the church, to reach out to the lost and unbelieving, to bring them to saving faith and then nurture and equip them for life and service.
Spiritual Gifts
We believe God continues to grace His church with spiritual gifts. Their purpose is to edify the body of Christ, equip it for ministry and glorify Jesus. The Spirit’s giftings are meant to encompass the whole of Christian life and service.
We desire to be a people whose lifestyle constantly reflects a commitment to the Lordship of Christ. In this, godly character and values give credibility to giftings and ministry. It is our responsibility to be shaped by the values of His Kingdom and not by the values of this culture.
We believe in New Testament stewardship and understand that God has entrusted to each individual Christian all that they have in possessions, talents, gifts and time. Those committed to Outreach Center have agreed together to give tithes and offerings out of generous and cheerful hearts for this on-going work and ministry.​
God is our healer. All healing comes from Him. The healing ministry of Jesus is to the whole person, which includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Equipping & Ministry
We believe that every Christian is a minister and priest before God with spiritual giftings and ministry. Our goal is to see believers edify and build up the Body of Christ and reach out to evangelize the unsaved.
We expect God to both indwell and empower His church in miraculous ways that transcend human reason and scientific explanation.
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Outreach Center is committed to the organism over the organization. We believe the best structure is one that supports the restoration, healing and growth of people. We are committed to growing as a fellowship on the basis of ministry to one another. 

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We expect God to both indwell and empower His church in miraculous ways that transcend human reason and scientific explanation.